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It began on Facebook

Tracy Vandenbroek, ESSCA Corresponding Secretary

November 3, 2018

As stated, it all began with a desperate ESSCA Facebook post.


I continued to see rumors and stories of disturbing activities around Progress Place, and threw up a post in the Spring of 2018--asking how do we address these issues in a humane way, as those that partake in the services at Progress Place are part of our community.

Doreen (Dori) Cantor Paster responded to that post, and stated that she was a board member of Shepard's Table and could discuss starting a cross-organizational group together to tackle the issues we all see.

Dori and I met with leaders from Shepard's Table and Interfaith Works in the Spring.  Here we got to know each other, realize we were all on the same page and discussed actions and priorities.

At this first meeting, I learned about the incredible services Shepard's Table and Interfaith Works provide to our community.  I got a tour and rumors were dispelled as well!  Progress Place is open day long and provides services beyond food such as laundry, showers, job and housing placement assistance, skills training and is an overflow shelter during the winter.  We are lucky to have such wonderful giving people in our neighborhood!

Dori has led this coalition from day one with purpose and kindness, and we're blessed to have such a driven and giving person as a neighbor. 

Learn more about the services at Progress Place:

Shepard's Table

Interfaith Work


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