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ESSCA's Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

ESSCA will focus on local neighbor-to-neighbor actions and communications, such as:


  • Developing a local contact network for every block, apartment, and condo in the neighborhood

  • Supporting our senior and vulnerable neighbors, and 

  • Supporting our local businesses

  • Encouraging social distancing

  • Trying to have some neighborhood virtual fun to keep spirits up

Block/Apartment/Condo Contact Network

In these trying times with more and more restrictions on movement, it's critical that we are able to ​reach all parts of the ESSCA neighborhood. We are building a network of neighborhood contacts from every block, apartment, and condo. 

Can you help us reach this goal? To sign up, please visit our neighborhood contacts form

How are we doing? Check out this report to see where we have contacts! If you see a place that needs a contact and know someone who lives there, please forward this page on to them.

Supporting our SENIOR and vulnerable neighbors​

We need to look out for our senior neighbors and those who are vulnerable due to health issues, loss of income, food insecurity or loss of childcare.

The following senior care ideas were submitted by Doug Gattis of Silver Spring Village:

  • A phone call once or twice a week just to check-in can be really comforting to a senior, particularly when they've cut back on social outings.

  • Loans of books and magazines can be appreciated.

  • Making sure you have your senior neighbors' emergency contact information AND that their contacts know how to get in touch with you is really important.

  • Errand-running is likely to be helpful--especially if this lasts for weeks--but it's important to maintain as much social distancing as possible. If you make a grocery run for a neighbor, package the groceries so that any one bag doesn't weigh very much. That way, the groceries can be left on the porch and the senior can take them in. If that's not possible ask the senior to wait in another room while you take the groceries into the kitchen. It all sounds a bit draconian, but don't forget how much more physically vulnerable seniors are than the rest of us.

  • If you have spare household or food supplies in your own home, you might be able to share a few rolls of toilet paper or some frozen food to minimize trips for your neighbor or for a volunteer.

  • A lot of seniors still pay bills by check, so a supply of postage stamps can come in handy, too.

Food security:

Did you know we have a food bank right here in the neighborhood? Adventist Community Services is at 501 Sligo Ave. and is ramping up services to meet needs of local families. You can drop off food donations at 501 Sligo, donate at, or mail a check to 501 Sligo Ave. Silver Spring 20910.

Shepherd's Table is also an important local resource for free meals and services. Please see their ways to help page. You can drop off a donation or have it picked up by Silver Spring Cares, buy an item off of their Amazon Wish List, or make a donation to the organization.

East Silver Spring Elementary School is now a meal pickup location. Anyone 18 or under can grab breakfast and lunch to go. No ID is required. Meals will be available Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.–1 p.m.

Supporting our local businesses​

Many of our local restaurants and service have moved to online ordering and pickup/delivery service.​ We need to use them or lose them!

Check out this handy list of Downtown Silver Spring and Fenton Village restaurants which includes their websites and delivery/pickup options.

ENCOURaging social distancing​

We've got to #flattenthecurve. Stay home, order online if you can, take this time to reconnect with family or learn a new skill.

Keeping spirits up​

ESSCA will sponsor fun activities to support our collective emotional and physical health while we practice good social distancing.

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