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This MLK Day - Volunteer for ESSCA!

Your neighborhood needs you! Please considering volunteering your time with ESSCA today!

In the spirit of volunteerism surrounding Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, please consider the East Silver Spring Citizens' Association when deciding how to contribute. Interested? Contact or attend our next ESSCA meeting on January 27.

We need your help in so many ways:


Keep our neighborhood clean, green, and biodiverse

  • Organize park cleanups

  • Fight invasive vines and plants

  • Study our tree canopy

  • Be an anti-mosquito warrior!


Help us reach our very economically and culturally diverse neighbors

  • Make contacts with apartment communities

  • Recruit musical acts for our annual ESSCAFest local music festival

  • Team up with the Ethiopian Community Center and the Guatemalan and Salvadoran Consulates on cultural exchange projects

  • Revise our Constitution and By-Laws to be more gender-inclusive

  • Support ESSCA's efforts to provide safety and dignity to our housing- and food-insecure community members

Census 2020:

Did you know that 3 out of 10 people in our area (almost 10,000 residents) were not counted in the last 2010 Census? Each person that's not counted can cost the area around $18,000 over 10 years.

  • Help us get the word out to hard-to-count communities that they count!

  • Reach out the the Ethiopian Community Center, local churches and businesses

  • Work on establishing apartment liaisons.


Help ESSCA help our local elementary schools (East Silver Spring Elementary and Sligo Creek Elementary). Recruit neighborhood members to assist with STEM projects and other school events.


  • Help us manage our website and listserve

  • Organize newsletter distribution and delivery, or volunteer to deliver the newsletter on your block

  • Contribute to our social media channels

  • Write an article for our website about our neighborhood or neighborhood issue

  • Help us design a new logo for our newsletter that reflects our neighborhood diversity

Plan for the Future:

What will our neighborhood look like in 30 years?

  • Get involved with Montgomery County's Thrive 2050 Program.

  • Organize a local visioning meeting to brainstorm ideas for making our neighborhood vibrant and livable in the future

  • Facilitate a discussion about housing changes and the future of housing in our neighborhood

  • Learn about planning, zoning and public works and neighborhood development projects

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