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ESSCA Voting: candidate Statements

We are pleased to announce the nominees for ESSCA Board, and how you can vote. We will share the results (and other information about ESSCA Fest) on Monday, May 22nd at 7pm via zoom. Register here.

Voting Procedures

All active ESSCA members can cast a ballot for the ESSCA board. Steve Knight has generously agreed to be ESSCA’s voting tabulator, and Hannah McCann has graciously offered to host paper voting.

Electronic: All members who registered via their email address will receive an email shortly with a link to our electronic ballot (via SurveyMonkey). This link will be unique to the registered member and will only allow one ballot to be cast.

Physical Contactless Voting: Members may print out the ballot, or copies can be picked up at a contactless voting location at 743 Silver Spring Ave. Members will fill out the ballot, provide their name, address, and email or phone number, and deposit in a drop-off box at the voting location.

Voting will begin today and continue until 6pm on May 22nd (6pm May 21st for physical contactless voting).

Any questions — email

ESSCA Membership

Become an ESSCA member or renew your membership for FREE by visiting our Join Us page or register via phone. Anyone 18 years or older living within the ESSCA boundary can become a member. All adult members of a household must register separately!

Please note that for new members, we have a two step process - you must create an account (and have that approved, and we’re keeping an eye on that) and then come back and sign up for a membership. Email if you have any issues. To renew, sign into your account and “buy” a new free membership.

The following candidates have been nominated to run for the ESSCA Board for the 2023-2024 year.

President: Kate Myers

I am happy and honored to be nominated for ESSCA President for 2023-2024.

I believe ESSCA is a place for engagement and service. ESSCA connects members of our community to resources for their own needs, and to engage in civic life in the county.

ESSCA will continue to publicize ways for the members of our community to engage with our government leaders on issues regarding our community. We are exploring a partnership with the Park Hills Civic Association to advocate for an improved pedestrian experience on both sides of Piney Branch, despite the multiple state, city, and county agencies involved. We will continue connecting with our local leaders to ensure ESSCA members know how to make their voices heard.

In the coming months, I hope to do more to connect ESSCA with other nonprofit and service organizations in our area. ESSCA had a great partnership this past winter with the ESS PTA to host an MLK day of service cleanup and drinks party. Building on that, I want to help ESSCA and ESSCA members to partner with local nonprofits and organizations where we can support and volunteer, be it Koiner Farm, IMPACT Silver Spring, Adventist Community Services, Shepherd's Table or more.

Finally, one of my favorite activities that we piloted this past year with ESSCA was our door knocking campaign. We had a plan, which I look forward to pushing forward next year, to meet more neighbors one on one and face to face, and finding out what we as a community care about and want to learn. We will continue hosting events (weather permitting -- I have many popsicles in my freezer that will make an appearance at ESSCA Fest!) that give our neighbors a chance to connect and enjoy each other's company.

As always, thanks for this opportunity -- and come see me on my (pollen-filled) porch on Silver Spring Ave down by La Casita (and the new Love and Flour bakery!).

Vice-President: Dan Reed

Hi! I’m Dan and I’m running to be your ESSCA Vice President again. The first time around I was proud to expand our membership, create our first email newsletter, host more social events, and update our constitution. This time, I’m looking forward to doing even more social events and making it safer to walk and bike in our neighborhood. Together, we can make East Silver Spring an even better place to live.

I’ve lived on Hartford Avenue since 2019 and walk several miles a day with my dog, Drizzy. If you see us, please say hi!

Treasurer: No Nominees

Corresponding Secretary: PEte Tantisunthorn

As a member of the ESSCA board, I will encourage membership growth through direct outreach and community events.

recording secretary: no nominees


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