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MLK Day of Neighborhood Anti-racist Action

In the spirit of volunteerism to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., The ESSCA Board asks that you make a plan to spend some time in community service in lieu of our January meeting. There are lots of possibilities, but at the very least please consider spending the time you might have spent attending our meeting, perhaps one or two hours, taking a step against racism. Please think of that one thing you can do to help make our community a place where everyone feels they belong.

Here are some ideas, but please share your ideas with us!

  • Read about Councilmember Will Jawando's Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA 20-07) “More Housing for More People”

- Councilmember Will Jawando’s Introduction to the Zoning Text Amendment

- Greater Greater Washington article by Dan Reed

- How Discussions of 'Neighborhood Character' Reinforce Structural Racism

- Montgomery County Planning’s Missing Middle Housing Page

- Thrive 2050 Master Plan’s outline for Affordable and Attainable Housing (draft)

  • Write to County Councilmembers about the proposed ZTA

- Councilmember Jawando:

Chief of Staff:

- Councilmember Hucker:

Chief of Staff:

- County Council:

  • Read and reflect on the work of anti-racism

- “Not racist” is Not Enough - NPR

- What it means to be antiracist - Vox

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