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Best mosquito year ever?

I say YES!

The mosquitos are out there people and according to the SkeeterTim Early Warning System (a bucket in my yard), eggs are already hatching and larvae are wiggling around and will be emerging as adults in the next week.

With all the people staying home due to the pandemic, we can all act together by getting out in our yards and removing mosquito habitat - dumping out standing water in containers: tarps, buckets, planter bases, outdoor toys, etc. Or, if you can't dump it, using Mosquito Dunks to kill mosquito larvae.

And please, avoid having your yard sprayed for mosquitos. If the spray is strong enough to kill mosquitos it's also strong enough to kill beneficial bugs. Plus, if you're not addressing the problem of standing water, yours or your neighbors', you're only addressing the symptom not the cause.

Since we're so good now at "Flattening the Curve," we need to do the same for mosquito populations. An individual female mosquito can "infect" dozens and dozens of yards. Mosquito population growth is even more explosive than the coronavirus.

Get together with your nearby neighbors (at least 3 on all sides) and have a mosquito dumping party. Put on some music and get everybody outside and make this the best mosquito year ever!


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