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Dan Reed Appointed Chair of the Planning, Zoning and Public Works Committee

The ESSCA Board is happy to announce the appointment of Dan Reed as the Chair of ESSCA's Planning, Zoning, and Public Works Committee.

Many you will know Dan's writings in regional and national publications, from their Just Up the Pike blog, and on our own listserv and Facebook group. As an urban planner and community advocate, Dan has been working with communities all over the United States to make their streets safer, enjoyable, and equitable. Dan grew up in downtown Silver Spring and lived there as an adult before moving to East Silver Spring on Hartford Ave. in 2019.

Dan will lead a team of 3-5 Committee members with the primary tasks of listening to current and future neighborhood needs, keeping up-to-date on development and public works projects, researching planning and zoning issues, helping neighbors engage in the County's planning process, and keeping the neighborhood informed through meetings and online and print publications.

The ESSCA Executive Committee, which includes the ESSCA Board and Committee Chairs, will meet on February 15 to finalize the role of the Planning, Zoning, and Public Works Committee, after which you'll be hearing more about the Committee and how you can help plan for the future of our neighborhood and the County.

Please join me in congratulating Dan on this important neighborhood leadership position, and thanking past Chair Karen Roper for her many years in service to the community.


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