ESSCA Voting Procedures 2021


The pandemic has posed many challenges to our community, not the least of which is our ability to conduct ESSCA business. We’ve had to adapt over the last year, holding our regular meetings via Zoom and relying on digital communications on our Facebook group and the listserv for neighborhood news and discussion.

Our annual election and voting procedures, which have traditionally been at in-person meetings, also have to adapt to the times. The ESSCA Board has come up with a contactless voting procedure that we think balances the need to hear the voice of the community with COVID safety.

Eligibility to vote:

All ESSCA members in good standing are eligible to vote. To be a member in good standing, you have to be 18 years or older, be a resident living within the ESSCA neighborhood boundary, and have paid your dues for the 2020-2021 year (currently $10 per household). Please visit our Join Us page for dues payment methods (paypal, check).

The ballot:

This year we will be voting on:

  1. Question 1: A change to the ESSCA Constitution to make the document more gender inclusive

  2. Question 2: A change to the ESSCA By-Laws that will redefine ESSCA’s standing committees

  3. Officer elections

Attached is the official fillable/printable PDF ballot.

Download PD • 121KB

Means of voting:

  1. Physical contactless voting: Members may print out the ballot, or copies can be picked up at a contactless voting location at 743 Silver Spring Ave. Members will fill out the ballot, provide their name and address, and deposit in a drop-off box at the voting location.

  2. Electronic voting: Members may fill out and save the PDF ballot, or print, fill out and scan the ballot, and email the PDF to the ESSCA election email address Make sure the email address that you use to submit your ballot is the same as that on file on the ESSCA membership list. To check what address you have associated with your membership, please send an email to our Treasurer, Steve Knight, at

Voting tabulator:

Hannah McCann has been appointed by the ESSCA Board to be the voting tabulator. Hannah will be the owner of the election email address, and will tabulate both electronic and paper ballots.


By May 16: Neighbors become members or renew their membership to be eligible to vote. Note that voters must be members one day prior to the election so we can prepare the voter roll.

May 1-May 17: Voting will be open during this time. The PDF ballot will be made available and voting details announced via the ESSCA listserv, Facebook group, and email newsletter. Ballots must be received by 7pm EDT on May 17 (our regular meeting date/time).

May 17, 7pm: ballots received by 7pm will be counted by the voting tabulator and the results announced at our regular May Zoom meeting.

If you have any questions about the election process, please contact the voting tabulator at

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